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RNPP 5-Year Strategic Plan (2021 – 2026)

Authors: Kathryn Prive | Rogue Native Plant Partnership Coordinator & Tuula Rebhahn | Program Assistant

Date: December 2020

There is an increasing demand in the Rogue Basin for locally sourced native plant materials. These native species are needed to restore ecosystems after wildfire and other disturbance, provide habitat for pollinators and wildlife and deliver ecosystem services. Unfortunately, this growing demand is not always met with the appropriate supply of native plant materials. This deficit has negative impacts on wildlife, pollinators, recreation, and limits the pace and scale of restoration efforts.

Despite the growing need for native plant materials, land managers face numerous barriers to sourcing genetically appropriate native plant materials. The planning and coordination required to successfully source and produce appropriate native plant materials is complex and time-consuming. In order to produce these plants and seeds, project plans and species priorities must be established, the seed must be collected from the wild, and a contract must be drafted to have the plants grown out. This production cycle can take two to three years to complete and is often outside the scope or timing requirements of many funding sources and grant programs. In addition, many restoration practitioners see year-to-year fluctuations in their budgets, while severe fire and flooding events make multi-year planning difficult.

This 5-year strategic plan is meant to serve as a guide towards meeting the challenges of native plant production and ecological restoration in the Rogue Basin region.

Download (PDF): RNPP 5-year Strategic Plan 2021-2026 (596 KB)

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