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RNPP Media 

A collection of various recorded presentations and interviews that pertain to The Rogue Native Plant Partnership

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Oregon Native Seed Partnerships:
Lessons Learned & Next Steps (Symposium)

The Rogue Native Plant Partnership was featured as part of the 2023 National Native Seed Conference organized by the Institute for Applied Ecology.

Strategies for engaging community members
in seed-based restoration from start to finish

Kathryn Prive and Tuula Rebhahn of the Understory Initiative / Rogue Native Plant Partnership describe the values driving effective partnership and seed-based restoration at the 2024 National Native Seed Virtual Conference.

Rogue Native Plant Partnership Grower Profile: Holly Mills

Holly Mills' background is in organic vegetable gardening but she made the transition to native plant production for restoration projects a few years back under the guidance of James Kraemer of Silver Springs Nursery. This is a video interview we did with her about why she enjoys working with native plants and some of her tips on how to select the right species for your property.

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