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Our Mission:

To facilitate diverse ecosystems in tandem with a more robust native plant materials economy in the Rogue Basin

The Rogue Native Plant Partnership (RNPP) is a consortium of state and federal agencies, non-government entities, private growers, and members of the public. This partnership aims to simplify the native plant procurement process for its partner organizations through collaboration and information sharing. 


Our Goals:

1. Facilitate communication among local stakeholders; share information and resources

2. Increase the diversity and genetic appropriateness of locally available native plant materials.

3. Provide technical and financial support to local native plant and seed producers.

4. Provide educational resources and opportunities to land managers, ranchers, foresters, gardeners, commercial landscapers, and others.​


Why the Rogue Native Plant Partnership?

Despite the growing need for native plant materials in the Rogue Basin, the barriers to increasing the local production of native plant species are numerous. The planning and coordination required to successfully source and produce appropriate native plant materials is a complex and time-consuming task.

Native plant production presents unique challenges to growers. The grow-out phase often requires a multi-year commitment from growers and a willingness to experiment with propagation protocols for new species. This can be problematic because many agencies see year-to-year fluctuations in their budgets and severe fire and flooding events make multi-year planning difficult. These challenges often make it difficult for growers to achieve a stable business strategy and may also deter new farms from expanding into the native plant production arena.

Our Values, Our Work


Since its genesis in 2016, the Rogue Native Plant Partnership has developed into a collaboration of over 40 organizations. These include federal, state, and local agencies, non-profits, commercial growers, indigenous tribes, land trusts, and other private landowners. The partnership is currently working to streamline and sustain the seed collection and native plant procurement processes in the Rogue Valley.

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