Invasive Plant Lists for SW Oregon

Author: Bureau of Land Management Date: 2018

This document is an excerpt from the BLM’s Integrated Invasive Plant Management EA showing non-native and invasive species lists. It includes three lists of species: (1) Documented and mapped invasive plants; (2) documented and unmapped species and (3) “New invaders”, or species known to occur in adjacent lands but not yet on BLM in SW Oregon. This document reflects a comprehensive effort to  analyze what species would be true Early Detection Rapid Response species in SW Oregon. It examines all the available data at the time from numerous databases (ODA, USFS, BLM), the consortium of PNW herbaria, etc.

Download: Invasive Plant Lists for SW Oregon (pdf; 778 mb)

Oak Woodland Understory Seeding Case Study

Author: Bartow Date: 2018

In this case study, bare ground in a Yamhill County oak woodland was seeded with native seeds following brush clearing. The results show that native plants can successfully compete with shiny geranium (Geranium lucidum), an aggressive invader that also exists in the Klamath-Siskiyou ecoregion.

Download: Oak Woodland Understory Seeding Case Study (pdf; 2 mb)