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Native Seeds in Restoration: Garlic Mustard Treatment Part 2 – Seed Mix & Site Prep


In fall of 2022 RNPP measured out a couple of vegetable-garden sized squares of bare earth along the Rogue River and initiated the trial of a specially blended riparian seed […]

Local Sources for Native Plants – 2023 edition


Author: Rogue Native Plant Partnership Date: April 2023 This document is intended as a guide for landowners, gardeners, and anyone seeking native plants in a retail context. For a current […]

The Seed People: Reflections on the 2023 National Native Seed Conference


In the midst of Cherry Blossom Madness in Washington, DC, a contingent of Oregonians landed to be among “our people”: Seed (but never seedy!) People. The theme of the 2023 […]

Native Seeds in Restoration: Garlic Mustard Part 1 – Project Overview


One of the most challenging aspects of controlling invasive plants is that even when treatments are successful, a healthy, diverse community of native plants does not usually spring back to […]

RNPP Meeting Slides 9-12-2021


Author: Rogue Native Plant Partnership | Kathryn Prive Date: September 14th 2021 Meeting slides for partnership meeting that took place on September 14th 2021 over zoom. Download:

Monarch butterfly nectaring on a milkweed flower.

Emergency Pollinator Funds in the Pipeline: Native Plants Needed!


“There are now more Starbucks in California than monarch butterflies.” This simple statement from the Center for Biological Diversity sums up a dark forecast for this iconic pollinator. Western monarchs […]

Fiddleneck Going Gangbusters? Here’s what to do with it…


Common Fiddleneck (Amsinkia menziesii) is a fun yellow flower with a long, gradually unfurling bloom that resembles the top of a fiddle. Although it is native all across the western […]

Native Plant of the Month: Fawn Lilies


Fawn lilies (Erythronium genus) are a sure sign that spring has arrived in Pacific Northwest, and we have a couple of special local species that only occur here in the […]

How to Find Native Plants in 2021


Rogue Native Plant Partnership seeks to bring together native plant (and seed) growers with people who need native plant materials for landscaping and habitat restoration. One way we typically do […]

Native Plant of the Month: Pink Flowering Currant


As thousands of homes were lost in the Almeda fire, thousands of hummingbird feeders along Bear Creek were vaporized along with them. We wondered, “What native plants could take their place?”

Ribes sanguineum, aka Pink Flowering Currant,is a prime candidate.