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Willow-leaved dock


Rumex salicifolious- 2 x 7 inch plug


Rumex salicifolius is a species of flowering plant in the knotweed family known by the common names willow dock and willow-leaved dock. It is native to much of western North America, and more specifically, in southern and central parts of California, and some parts of Arizona and Nevada. In general, it is a perennial herb producing a slender stem that is prostrate and spreading or erect, growing up to about 90 centimeters in maximum length. The inflorescence of this plant is an interrupted series of clusters of flowers. There are up to 20 flowers in each cluster, and each flower hangs from a pedicel. It is an important food and host plant for Lycaena rubidus larvae. This plant usually is green colored with hints of pink and red. Rumex salicifolius is typically found in wet places, but not flooded environments. These plants can also be found on rocky slopes, and in margins. It’s usually found less than 3,500 altitude. The bloom period for this plant is June through September. The plant usually thrives in full sunlight, and only sometimes in partial shade (Wikipedia).