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Pollinator Mix (80 oz available)


Pollinator / Oak Woodland Mix

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Please note: All seeds are sold by the ounce, not by the pound! (To buy a pound, enter “16” in the blue box and click “add to cart”) This mix contains a variety of native grass and wildflowers that were combined from older and/or smaller lots in the RNPP inventory. Species that will thrive in open meadow or woodland habitat were selected. For a complete list of included species, click here: Pollinator-Mix-species-list.pdf Pricing/production note: Mix of older seed lots. Sowing note: One ounce of this mix will cover an area of approximately 250 sq feet at a rate of 10 pounds per acre. This is a typical seeding rate for many restoration projects. Heavier seeding is recommended (~2 oz per 250 square feet) for a more dense planting in garden/urban settings.

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Weight 80 oz