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Rosa nutkana – Ecoregion 78a (6 oz)



Please note: All seeds are sold by the ounce, not by the pound!

Rosa nutkana (Nootka rose) is a versatile shrub that thrives in riparian zones. It produces extensive rhizomes and grows rapidly, making it an ideal plant for revegetation projects. It is used to control soil erosion on hillsides, road cuts and streambanks. Can tolerate a wide range of soil conditions.

Seed treatment recommendations: Dried seeds require a cold stratification period of 90 days to improve germination. Plants can be produced by sowing seed into pots or flats in October or November, then moving into a greenhouse in January or February. Seedlings should be moved to a lath house or other structure in the spring and grown for one year to develop an adequate root system before transplanting.

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