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Prairie junegrass


Koeleria macrantha:mini tree pots (6″x3″)


Koeleria macrantha is a short, tuft-forming perennial bunchgrass, reaching heights from 20 -70 centimeters (7.9 – 27.6 in). The leaves are basal and up to about 20 centimeters long with a blue-green color. The inflorescence is nearly cylindrical and may taper somewhat toward the tip. It holds shiny tan spikelets which are sometimes tinted with purple, each about half a centimeter long.Its fruit is a grain that breaks once it has fully ripened. Koeleria macrantha is a plant that prefers cooler seasons such as early spring or fall. It grows mostly in rocky or sandy, well drained areas within forests or plains. It prefers more direct sunlight over partially shaded areas. It has the ability to grow in elevations as high as 2480 meters and as low as 121 meters above sea level. (Wikipedia) Photo credit: Don Pedro28 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0.