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Panicum capillare-Ecoregion 78a (15.38 oz available)


Witchgrass – ROUGH CLEAN

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Please note: All seeds are sold by the ounce, not by the pound! (To buy a pound, enter “16” in the blue box and click “add to cart”) Panicum capillare has an estimated 392000 seeds per pound. Native throughout North America and frequently inhabits disturbed sites. Can grow in a variety of habitats, but has a preference for full sun, mesic to dry conditions, and a barren soil that contains sand, gravel, or hard-pan clay. Alkaline soil is readily tolerated. The fertility of the soil and moisture level influence the size of individual plants. Periods of hot dry weather are readily tolerated. Seed treatment recommendations: None available. More Info: Pricing/production note: Lot has been rough cleaned.

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Weight 15.38 oz