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Osmorhiza berteroi: clean seed sold by the lot (less than 1 oz)


The common name for this species is Sweet cicely. This is a wild collected seed lot, original collection site Mountain of the Rogue.
This product is sold by the lot (less than 1 oz).

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Osmorhiza berteroi has unknown number of seeds per pound. Osmorhiza berteroi typically grows in a variety of woodland and forested habitats. It is an understory plant that prefers moist and shaded habitats and riparian areas. It prefers well-drained, rich, and moist soils. It is often found in soils that are rich in organic matter.
Seed treatment recommendations: Seeds are placed in fine mesh bags into a 1% hydrogen peroxide (3:1 water/3% hydrogen peroxide) soak for 24 hours, rinsed, and placed in water for an additional 4 hours. The bags are placed in sealed containers in refrigeration at 1 to 3 °C for 60 days. It is very important to check seeds weekly. If mold is evident, seeds should be treated with 1% hydrogen peroxide. Once sown, germination is uniform and quite rapid. It is usually complete in 10 days.
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