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Oregon Ash


Fraxinus latifolia – 5 x 12 inch treepot


Fraxinus latifolia is a medium-sized deciduous tree that can grow to heights of 20 m (65 ft) to 25 m (80 ft) in height, with a trunk diameter of 40–75 cm (16–30 in) in its 100−150-year average life span.[3] Oregon ash can grow considerably larger and can have well over a 200-year life span, or become stunted and very small in more dry habitats. It can develop a broad crown, almost as wide as a bigleaf maple (Acer macrophyllum) when it grows in the open, but crowns remain narrow when they are part of a denser tree stand, similar to that of red alder (Alnus rubra).

Oregon ash prefers damp, loose soils, and grows from sea level to 900 meters (3,000ft) in elevation, up to 1,700. Fraxinus latifolia can grow to 25 m (80 ft) in height, with a trunk diameter of 30 to 80 cm (12 to 31 in). (Wikipedia) Photo Credit: Jean-Pol Grandmont – Own work, CC BY 3.0.