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Holodiscus discolor:10 inch plugs


Holodiscus discolor is a shrub of western North America that is commonly known as ocean spray, creambush or ironwood. It is common in the Pacific Northwest where it is found in both openings and the forest understory at low to moderate elevations. It is a fast-growing deciduous shrub growing to 5 meter tall. Its alternate leaves are small, 5-9 centimeter long and 4-7 centimeter broad, lobbed, juicy green when new. Cascading clusters of white flowers drooping from the branches give the plant its two common names. The flowers have a faint sweet, sugary scent. It bears a small, hairy fruit containing one seed which is light enough to be dispersed by wind. ?(Wikipedia) Photo credit: Barry Breckling, CC BY-SA 4.0.