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prairie Junegrass

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Koeleria macrantha has 2315000 seeds per pound. Koeleria macrantha is a plant that prefers cooler seasons such as early spring or fall. It grows mostly in rocky or sandy, well-drained areas within forests or plains. It prefers more direct sunlight over partially shaded areas.[7] It has the ability to grow in elevations as high as 2480 meters and as low as 121 meters above sea level. Seed treatment reccommendations: More Info: The seed should be planted into a clean, weed-free, firm seedbed at soil
surface to 1/8-inch depth because seed requires light to achieve maximum germination.
The exclusion of grazing animals until plants become well established is recommended. This may require up to 2- 3 growing seasons. USDA Plant Guide: https://plants.usda.gov/plantguide/pdf/pg_koma.pdf

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