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Juncus tenuis: clean seed sold by the lot (less than 1 oz)


The common name for this species is Slender rush, poverty rush. This is a wild collected lot, original collection site Obenchain Rd., Eagle Point.
This product is sold by the lot (less than 1 oz).

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Juncus tenuis has 20000000 seeds per pound. Slender rush grows in landscapes, crops, roadsides, and all types of fields. It can grow on both wet and dry sites, in soils consisting mainly of sand or clay. Because of its high tolerance of compacted soils, it can outcompete other plant species in such places, hence the name “path rush”.
Seed treatment recommendations: Scarify with 220 grit sandpaper for 10 to 15 seconds in order to overcome physical seed coat dormancy. Cold-moist stratification for 60–90 days
More Info: Erosion Control: Poverty rush is ideal for streambank or
drainage stabilization due to its bunched growth form, and
ability to grow in saturated and compacted soils. USDA Plant Guide: