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Douglas spirea

Spirea douglasii – various sizes

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Douglas spirea – Spiraea douglasii is a species of flowering plant in the rose family native to western North America. The plant is a woolly shrub growing 1 to 2 meters tall from rhizomes, forming dense riverside thickets. Large clusters of small pink flowers form spires in early summer, later turning dark and persisting. The leaves are toothed toward the tips. The undersides are whitish with prominent veins. Spiraea douglasii is native to western North America from Alaska across southwestern Canada and the Pacific Northwest. It occurs most often in riparian habitat types, such as swamps, streambanks, bogs and mudflats. Native Americans found S. douglasii useful for making brooms and hanging seafood to cook. This plant is used as an ornamental in landscaping, where it grows best in sunny, moist places (Wikipedia).Photo Credit Joe Mabel.

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