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Douglas maple


Acer glabrum:1 gallon


Acer glabrum is a species of maple native to western North America, from southeastern Alaska, British Columbia and western Alberta, east to western Nebraska, and south through Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Colorado to California, Arizona and New Mexico. Acer glabrum is a small tree growing to 10 metres (33ft) tall, with a trunk up to 20-30 centimetres (7.9-11.8in) diameter. The leaves are 2-10 centimetres (0.79-3.94in) broad, three-lobed (rarely five-lobed), variable in the depth of lobing, occasionally so deeply lobed as to be divided into three leaflets; the lobes have an acute apex and a coarsely serrated margin. The flowers are produced in corymbs of five to ten, yellowish green, at the same time as the new leaves in spring. The fruit is a samara or winged seed. (Wikipedia) Photo credit: Walter Siegmund CC BY SA 3.0.