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Delphinium nudicaule: clean seed sold by the ounce


The common name for this species is Crimson larkspur.
This product is sold by the ounce.

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Delphinium nudicaule has unknown number of seeds per pound. Delphinium nudicaule is typically found at higher elevations, often in mountainous regions. However, it can grow at elevations ranging from sea level to subalpine zones, and is a popular garden plant. Delphinium nudicaule is commonly found in a variety of habitats, including meadows, grasslands, open woodlands, and along forest edges. It is often seen in rocky or gravelly soils. This wildflower prefers full sun to light shade. It thrives in open, sunny areas. Delphinium nudicaule typically grows in well-drained soils, and it is well adapted to soils with rocky or gravelly components.
Seed treatment recommendations: This species germinates best after 90 days cool/moist stratification (38F) and darkness seems to be preferred.
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