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Creeping Oregon grape


Mahonia repens – various sizes



Mahonia repens commonly known as creeping mahonia, creeping Oregon grape, creeping barberry, or prostrate barberry, is a species of Mahonia native to the Rocky Mountains and westward areas of North America, from British Columbia and Alberta in the north through Arizona and New Mexico, then into northwest Mexico by some reports. It is also found in many areas of California and the Great Basin region in Nevada. Mahonia repens is a typical mahonia with conspicuous matte blue berries. It grows as a subshrub. The yellow flowers appear in the middle of spring, and the blue berries in early summer. Although it is evergreen, in fall the leaves turn bronze. The plant is found at elevations from 300 metres (980ft) to 2,200 metres (7,200ft). It is a year round attractive, hardy plant, tolerant of drought, frost, and heat, so it is popular with landscape designers and gardeners. It can provide good ground cover in a cold situation. In garden conditions, and where their ranges overlap in nature, this species hybridizes readily with Oregon grape (Mahonia aquifolium), and the hybrids are less prostrate in their habit than the pure stock. (Wikipedia) Photo credit: Denis Prevot CC BY SA 3.0.

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1.75 x 2.75 inch plug, 4 x 4 inch pot