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Cornus sericia-Ecoregion 78a (28 oz available)


Red osier dogwood

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Please note: All seeds are sold by the ounce, not by the pound! (To buy a pound, enter “16” in the blue box and click “add to cart”) Cornus sericea has 18000 seeds per pound. Prefers moist, well-drained soils; Full sun to partial shade; Tolerates seasonal flooding; Found along stream banks and in open forested swamps; seems to prefer wetland margins where soils are nitrogen-rich, saturated, and shallowly inundated in the spring, and may be completely dry by late summer; Can live in upland open forests and rocky slopes. Seed treatment recommendations: Some of the seeds will germinate soon after sowing, and the rest will germinate the following spring. Seeds have dormant embryos and need cold stratification for 1-3 months. Occasionally, hard seed coats require scarification. More Info: Pricing/production note: SBS collected 2020

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Weight 28 oz