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Bromus laevipes-Ecoregion 4f (96 oz available available)


Chinook brome

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Bromus laevipes has 90000 seeds per pound. California brome is widely used to protect soils after wildfires, and for restoration of disturbed upland plant communities. It strongly prefers shaded habitats including woodland edges and the floor of hardwood and coniferous forest types. Survival in open areas appears more limited to ravines, north facing slopes, seepage areas, and montane meadows. Seed treatment recommendations: Seed dormancy has not been reported for Columbia brome, but germination can be staggered or delayed for several weeks, especially if spring sown. Fall seeding in cool soils is recommended. More Info: USDA Fact Sheet:

Pricing/production note: J. H. Stone nursery grow-out

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Weight 96 oz