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Big leaf maple


Acer macrophyllum: 1.5 x 6 inch ellepot


Acer macrophyllum – Big Leaf Maple can grow up to 157.80 feet (48.10 m) tall, but more commonly reaches 15–20 m (50–65 ft) tall. It is native to western North America, mostly near the Pacific coast, from southernmost Alaska to southern California. It has the largest leaves of any maple. The flowers Big Leaf Maple produces in spring in pendulous racemes 10–15 cm (4–6 in) long, greenish-yellow with inconspicuous petals. Bigleaf maple can form pure stands on moist soils in proximity to streams, but are generally found within riparian hardwood forests or dispersed, (under or within), relatively open canopies of conifers, mixed evergreens, or oaks (Quercus spp.). In cool and moist temperate mixed woods they are one of the dominant species. The winged fruits are eaten by squirrels, and by grosbeaks in the winter (Wikipedia).