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Amsinckia menziesii-Ecoregion 78b (2,240 oz available)


Menzies’ fiddleneck

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Please note: All seeds are sold by the ounce, not by the pound! (To buy a pound, enter “16” in the blue box and click “add to cart”) Amsinckia menziesii has 225000 seeds per pound. Abundant in open, disturbed, dry habitats, within grasslands, openings in shrublands, agricultural areas, roadsides, pastures, and vineyards (Hickman 1993, DiTomaso & Healy 2007). Cox and Allen (2008) found many more seedlings per unit area in grassland plots than in shrubland plots. Seed treatment recommendations: germination conditions: light 8/16; 5°C; 56 days; ; (RBG Kew, Wakehurst Place) More Info: In revegetation projects, seeds should be used at low density in seed mixtures so that plants do not outcompete other desirable plants. Due to toxicity, avoid use in areas frequented by livestock and horses. Pricing/production note: J. H. Stone nursery grow-out

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