Native Seeds For Sale

Please note:

An approved restoration plan is required for all seed orders. Seeds are listed by the ounce. If you would like to purchase 1lb for example, make sure you add 16 “products” to your cart.

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Tips on developing your seed mix | Download: 2020 Seed Sale Inventory

Level IV Ecoregion Map

Please use the map below to verify which ecoregion your project is located within. We recommend sourcing seed that was collected within the same ecoregion to reduce the risk of maladaptation.

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A note about our seed pricing: Many of the smaller seed lots you see in this inventory were hand collected and cleaned by me and my other staff members or volunteers. The prices attempt to account for the time and effort involved in this process but hopefully isn’t prohibitively expensive. For many species, it can take 2-4 people several hours to wild collect, and an hour or so of hand-cleaning to produce an ounce of clean seed. For the larger lots that have been produced by farmers, the cost is obviously lower due to the efficiencies inherent in agriculture. Also, note that these lots do not have viability testing data available. We are confident that the wild-collected lots have high viability but there are always uncertainties.

Seed Pickups: Once you place an order we’ll arrange a pickup date with you after September 16th when the sale ends and we have been able to pull all the seed orders. You can plan to have your seed order in-hand by the end of September.