Native Seeds For Sale

Notes on the seed sale:

1. Seeds are listed by the ounce. If you would like to purchase a pound of seed, make sure you add 16 “products” to your cart.
2. If you do want to purchase 1 pound or more of seed, a restoration plan is required. See our blog post here about developing a restoration plan. 
3. We do not ship seeds. Rogue Native Plant Partnership exists to encourage local utilization of locally collected and grown seeds. After the sale ends, we will contact you to arrange pick-up or delivery of your order.
4. Seed lots are organized by Ecoregion and by type (forbs and grasses) and are listed using latin names. To easily look up common names, habitat information, seeding recommendations and more, we recommend using our Seed Information spreadsheet.

Level IV Ecoregion Map

Because most native plants are adapted to the ecological conditions of their source region, we recommend purchasing seed from the same ecoregion where it will be planted.

Enter the address of your project site in the map below to find your ecoregion. If the map is too crowded, use the grey arrow to toggle layers on and off. 

Click here for a larger version

A note about seed pricing:

Due to the drought and unprecedented temperatures in the past two growing seasons, some seed crops yielded below the norm. This may be reflected in higher than normal prices for some seed lots offered in 2022.

In general, RNPP seed prices attempt to account for the time and effort involved in the process of collecting seed. For many species, it can take 2-4 people several hours to wild collect, and an hour or so of hand-cleaning to produce an ounce of clean seed. For the larger lots that have been produced by farmers, the cost is lower due to the efficiencies inherent in agriculture. Also, note that these lots do not have viability testing data available. We are confident that the wild-collected lots have high viability but there are always uncertainties.

We do not ship items. After the sale ends, we will contact you to arrange pick-up or delivery in the Rogue Valley.